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Wade Shows SARS CoV(2) Mitigation Strategy

Midway SignageThe health and safety of our guests is our top priority. We have implemented many measures that you will see on the midway which are each designed to protect our guests and employees from potential exposure to SARS CoV(2). By minimizing contacts, promoting social distancing and increasing cleaning protocols and sanitation, we can welcome guests back to the midway experience that has created generations of memories.

Our rules and procedures include the best elements of mitigation plans from amusement parks, carnivals, fairs and festivals as well as guidance from the CDC and state health organizations. Coupled with our own ideas and innovations, we can bring the Fair the best the industry has to offer.

As new information becomes available, we will adjust this document to reflect best practices given the most up to date information. While the midway experience will change and it will not be the “same as normal”, we believe we can strike a prudent balance between safety and family fun if we all work together to provide a safe, healthy environment.

Our SARS CoV(2) Health and Safety Plan highlights are included below:


All guests are expected to abide by the posted rules and procedures. Guests are encouraged to maintain proper social distancing at all times, follow instructions and information from midway employees and respect the health and safety of others.


In colaboration with the Delaware State Fair, we put together a safety video to show guests what we are doing to help keep our customers and employees safe.


Employee Safety

  • All employees will receive mandatory training in operations with new health and safety protocols;
  • Each employee’s temperature will be checked before work shifts and they will not be allowed to work should they register a fever above 100.4 degrees;
  • Employees will be provided with Personal Protective Equipment such as masks and/or shields to be worn during all interactions with the public;
  • Wherever possible, we will minimize contact between employees and the public, most notably with our digital ticketing system described below;
  • When appropriate, following CDC guidelines, shields and temporary barriers will be used between employees and the public;
  • Employees will clean rides and frequently touched areas on games and equipment on a regular basis using materials that combat virus spread and rides will be deep cleaned;
  • Employees are to encourage social distancing guidelines at their work station and throughout the midway at all times;
  • Employees over the age of 65 or those with co-morbidities will be given the option of furlough until conditions permit them to work again;


Hand Sanitizer Stations

  • The midway will feature less attractions, freeing up more space for distancing;
  • Midways/Walkway areas will be widened to allow more space between people;
  • Rides will be selected with social distancing and contact points in mind;
  • Rides will be deep cleaned using KOC-86 self-sanitizing coating, a water-based photocatalyst Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) solution. It slowly destroys any microorganism that touches the surface such as viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, or any other microorganism for 6 months and lasts for up to 28 days
  • In addition, we will be regularly cleaning frequently touched ride areas with alcohol-based disinfectant Prime Time Plus. Palm-sized ATP meters will be used to measure the microbial contamination on ride surfaces throughout the day and areas with elevated readings will be spot cleaned.
  • Touchless hand sanitizing areas will be introduced throughout the fair, giving ample opportunity for safe hygiene practices;
  • Queue lines for rides, games and food stands will include markers that are 6ft. apart so distancing can be maintained;
  • Waiting lines for rides will allow families to be “pre-grouped” so that we can minimize contact with others;
  • Separate Guests on rides & attractions to minimize contact between parties and follow social distancing guidelines. Strategies for separating guests include empty rows and leaving empty seats between guests in ride vehicles;
  • Use cleaning teams to disinfect common areas and frequent traffic spots;
  • Wherever possible, Wade Shows will develop promotions and strategies to incentivize the spread of crowds throughout the day.


Food & Games

  • Food stands will endeavor to follow the most current CDC and health department guidelines as issued;
  • Commonly used areas around food stands will be cleaned and sanitized periodically throughout the day;
  • Food stands will separate payment handling employees from food handling employees;
  • Open access condiments will be eliminated and replaced with single-use packets or portions available upon request;
  • Self-service drink stations will be eliminated;
  • Wherever possible, barriers will be erected between food service employees and the public;
  • Self service napkins and cutlery dispensers will be eliminated and items provided to guests with meals upon request;
  • Games will be reconfigured whenever possible and/or strategies employed to maintain social distancing and minimize contact;
  • Game equipment touched by the public will be wiped after each use;
  • Prizes will be sanitized and quarantined before being placed into service in a game;
  • Social distancing between players not in the same family/group will be encouraged;


COVID-19 Midway Signage

  • Wade Shows will deploy new signs to inform guests of health and safety protocols throughout the midway;
  • All sanitizing stations will be clearly marked for public use;
  • All queue lines will have large spacing icons so distancing can be understood;
  • The Wade Shows website will include health and safety protocols for guests to read prior to visiting the midway;
  • Announcements on rides and attractions will include reminders about midway safety and social distancing;
  • The Wade Shows midway app will include notifications and reminders about the importance of personal hygiene and social distancing;


Funtagg Cashless Payments App

At select locations, Wade Shows will be introducing our digital ticketing system and APP which uses NFC (Contactless) technology. The system will be a very positive tool in helping to stop the spread of disease on the midway. With the new app, you can download tickets right to your phone, bypass the tickets boxes, and use your phone directly at the attraction as your ticket. Benefits of the system include:

  • Digital phone app that can be scanned as a ticket — no handling of ticket media by guests/employees;
  • Purchases and access to rides are available using our contactless technology which works like Apple Pay;
  • Using the digital platform, we can spread crowds by selling access to rides by the hour instead of use anytime throughout the day when possible;
  • Automated kiosks lessen contact between employees and guests. They also help to keep lines to a minimum;
  • Facilitation of advance sale purchases allow crowds to be spaced and lines for purchase kept to a minimum;
  • APP will enable us to gather data and reconnect with guests throughout the year.

Wade Shows has been active in developing mitigation strategies based upon “best practices” released by industry organizations as well as those promoted by similar industries such as amusement parks and large venues. Working under CDC guidelines, and the directives of local governments, we believe we have one of the most comprehensive strategies for protecting guests and employees alike so we can all enjoy another safe midway experience under these trying circumstances.


Your midway experience will be different than in years past. Everyone has a role to play to minimize risk for yourself and others. Before make your visit to the midway, follow these steps to help stop the spread and enjoy the thrills and excitement of the carnival.

  • Download the FunTagg APP — you can download our app and use your phone as your ticket. Bypass the ticket lines and head straight to the fun!  Download for iOS in the App Store or Android in the Google Play Store.

    App Store  Google Play
  • Bring A Mask — Following CDC guidelines, we suggest all guests wear a mask, especially when they may be closer than 6 feet from another guest
  • Bring the Family! — Try, as much as possible, to come to the midway in family groups that you live with. These groups can ride and experience attractions together and do not have to be separated like guests who do not live together.
  • Wash Your Hands — Throughout the midway, there will be dozens of hand sanitizing stations. When you ride an attraction or play a game, rub your hands vigorously with sanitizer for 20 seconds per CDC guidelines.
  • Use a Credit Card — When purchasing game play or food try to use a debit or credit card instead of cash to minimize contact with employees.
  • Obey posted signs — Be aware of your surroundings on the midway and follow directional signs and operator instructions
  • Social Distance — Keep your distance from other guests and employees. Maintain 6 feet in lines and throughout the midway.