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Wade Shows Customer Amenities
  • Landscaping by the Carousel
  • Fountain in San Antonio
  • Midway benches
  • Custom built fountain
  • Shaded "Funbrella" rest areas
  • Midway Landscaping
  • Kiddy Benches
  • Midway Landscaping
  • Shaded rest areas
  • Midway landscaping
  • Midway landscaping
  • Landscaping around the office
  • Children''s Photo Spots
  • Picnic area
  • Midway planter in San Antonio
  • Custom welcome sign
  • Wade Shows Sign
  • Planter on the midway
  • Wade Shows Sign
  • Ticket Boxes
  • Lil Pardner Land signs
  • Planter on the midway at the Oklahoma State Fair
  • Kid play area under our office canopy
  • Wheel Chair / Stroller ramps
  • Picnic Tables under our office canopy

When you walk onto a Wade Shows midway at your favorite event, several things will likely stand out. The uniformity of colors of our canvas, concessions, flags, signs and uniforms lets you know you are on a Wade Shows midway. All of our employees are neatly dressed with black pants or shorts and uniform shirt, hat or jacket. Our tickets boxes, brightly lit, help our customers with ride height information and other important notices for your visit.

As you walk through the midway, you can see rest areas, some shaded by our beautiful funbrellas. When it is hot, misting stations are strategically placed to cool you off. Many times, beautiful landscaping mark special areas and ride entrances. Trash cans are covered with liners and emptied frequently. Throughout the midway, especially in the kiddie areas, photo opportunity areas can be seen along with messages from our mascot, Lil' Pardner.

From the beautifully lit front gate beckoning at the entrance to the smallest details like line queuing devices or privacy screening, our midway is designed for our customers. Wade Shows leads the industry in new innovations and we strive to make our midway experience as close to that of the finest amusement park as possible. Moving our presentation week after week certainly poses some unique challenges, but our team works together, week in and week out, to bringing you the finest of guest comforts and amenities available on any midway today.